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каяк, каякинг, пътешествия, обучение

IztreshTeam association is based in Bulgaria. As experts at the fields of extreme sports - kayaking, mountain biking, snowkiting, and kayak touring we popularize these sports and Bulgaria as a beatiful destination for travelling and adventures.
We ozrganize adventure trips, education and some other outdoor events.

For more information please contact us (+359 888 777 13 00 - Yassen Zhalyazkov) or view the details in our website

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Остров Тасос  с каяк

Mountain biking - a photo gallery from May and June 2014

  • MTB - four day in Vitosha and Rila Mountains

More events you can find in our календар >>

07.08.2014: Mountaain biking (All Mountain)
A great week in Rila mountaain with our new friends:


A kayak equipment
Here You can order all the equipment from :Rainbow kayaks и DragoRossi kayaks

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- t touring and sea kayaks
- whitewater kayaks- creek & playboat
- canoe, SUP, river surf & river buggy
- surf kayaks and waveski from RPF kayaks,
Spraydecks, saferi roops, dry bags, and etc from Landjoff.com

If You buy a kayak from us, you get few hours education for free.

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IztreshTeam - outdoor adventures in Bulgaria >> HOME