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Danube River - kayak trip

Winter days are short and it ensures long evenings by the fire in the camp. This one was filled with heavy moisture. The fog was so dense as if the drops were hanging around in the air. A few metres away the river flowed calmly and even we couldn’t see it, we were feeling  its presence.

We pitch the tents and started collecting firewood. By the river there is always wood dragged by it. This time, they were so wet that even the gas stove didn’t help to light them. Only after several hours in the little fireplace piled up two handfuls of coals. Wet roots and branches were hissing and smoke emitted by them seemed to be struggling with the dense fog trying to make his way up.

Soon on the gas stove began to simmer a delicious soup. Everyone did their job in camp, and we were feeling as one whole. The talks were calm punctuated by brief moments of silence in which we listened to nature around us.

 After the hot soup all went to their tents. As powerful magnets the sleeping bags were drawing us with their comfort and warmth. While we were hanging around the tents, something around us change. As if someone with a huge broom stirred the air. A moment later stars appear above us. A few minutes later we were looking at the starriest  sky I've ever seen. The light was illuminating everything around and now we could even see the opposite bank of the river. Magic picture.
However, the attraction of the sleeping bags prevailed.

I woke up. It was a strange dream in which someone was sitting on my head. He was pressing my cheek and my temple, and I was trying to lift it with my hands. It was dark. Dozing I realized where I was. Something was pressing down the site of the tent, and tent’s weight – was pressing my face. Bewildered and slightly irritated strongly pushed the baggy fabric. The thing collapsed outside the tent side and the tent returned to the normal position. Abruptly I got up and opened the zipper to see what happend.

Sometimes, during the cold winter nights animals are attracted by the tent heat. It happened sometimes mice to be poking underneath, and even dogs to sleep stuck to the tent. Even once in a very cold night we let in a lost beagle.

I expected to see a dog again ... or any other animal. When I opened the zipper, inside the tent blew fresh air and slapped my face. The view had the same effect on me.The lasting we saw before going the bed was the gravel river bottom, ink waters reflecting the grimmering stars. Now everything was different. Everything was covered with snow. One inch of snow had covered everything in sight. And the stars still shimmered above their passively.

In the morning everybody was laughing at my dream. Coffee was tastier in the fresh morning. The wind was blowing. The river was rippled by tiny waves with indescribable blue-green color. On the shore the waves lapped against the snow.
Another sunny day waited us on the waves of Danube.

A memories from the first winter kayak trip on Danube river. Yassen
kayak trip at Danube River, Bulgaria
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