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  Mountain biking in Bulgaria  
mountan biking in Bulgaria - Rila Mountain

We have been passionate riders for almost 20 years now, and we feel very lucky that we live in this part of the world because Bulgaria is a great place for MTB. The territory of our small country is mostly covered with mountains, and they offer stunning landscapes and diverse terrains.

In 2005 we decided to devote to our hobby professionally and we started organizing MTB holidays. Our team has developed more than 30 routes with different technical difficulty and level of fitness. Till now around 500 clients have shared the joy of the beautiful Bulgarian mountains with us.

Since our main goal is to offer personalized attention to every member of our holidays we work with small-sized groups (5-15 people), and mainly with small family hotels.

The programs of our holidays have been evolving throughout the years, so they can offer you the best combination in terms of landscape diversity and technical requirements. We have four main programs: 5-day AM/XC, and 7-day AM/XC
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What Yassen says about mountain biking:

Riding has always been a great fun for me.
Back in the time when we were kids, we used to ride everywhere, but the parks were my favorite.
To explore the new little routes, to pass trough the trees and bushes, sneaking through the branches, trying to stop you, those were the unforgettable pleasures.
Then we grew up. The mountain terrain bikes came in. Oh what fun! all those unattainable places are now in the reach. the riding areas are now widening. It is now possible to ride up a steep route without the exhausting efforts. Riding makes us faster than pedestrians and hikers and longer distances are covered. Passing through small villages, forests, meadows and glades or wet valleys gives me a thorough sensation of the environment. Sensing the wet air replacing the dry, inhaling the savor of flowers and herbs. pulse raising, breath shortness, but pushing forward. A bit more... just to have a look behind the slope!

mountain biking in Bulgaria - Maleshevska Mountain

Taking a break up there, while listening to the shepherds shouting and the bells of the herd crawling over the other slope. Than a wild downhill or a technically difficult section with lots of rocks and stones, supposing a balance ride.
Then reaching a village, you will always try to peep through the fences, wondering how people live up here. Of course there are some had moments too - a broken bike part, an elbow sore, getting drenched to the bone or mud bespattered, but those are all part of the emotion. After day like that I am always feeling full of positive energy.

This what makes me ride!

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